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An Experiential Cooking and Nutrition Education Program Increases Cooking Self-Efficacy and Vegetable Consumption in Children in Grades 3–8

Evaluation and effectiveness
Comparative study without comparative controls Published 2011
To evaluate the effect of a community-based, experiential cooking and nutrition education program on consumption of fruits and vegetables and associated intermediate outcomes in students from low-income families.

Eating for Pleasure or Profit: The Effect of Incentives on Children’s Enjoyment of Vegetables

Evaluation and effectiveness
Randomised controlled trial Published 2009
This study aimed to (1) investigate short-term effects and long-term effects of non-food rewards on liking and intake of a moderately disliked vegetable; and (2) to compare exposure without reward with no-exposure control.

Effect of a School-Based Intervention on Nutritional Knowledge and Habits of Low-Socioeconomic School Children in Israel: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

Evaluation and effectiveness
Randomised controlled trial Published 2008
A cluster-randomized controlled-trial examined the effect of a school-based comprehensive intervention on nutrition knowledge, eating habits, and behaviors among low socioeconomic status school-aged children

Serving First in Isolation Increases Vegetable Intake among Elementary Schoolchildren

Evaluation and effectiveness
Comparative study with concurrent controls Published 2011
We report two field studies in an elementary school cafeteria that each demonstrate children eat more of a vegetable (carrots, broccoli) when we provide it first in isolation versus alongside other more preferred foods

Using a mixed-methods approach to measure impact of a school-based nutrition and media education intervention study on fruit and vegetable intake of Italian children

Evaluation and effectiveness
Comparative study with concurrent controls Published 2012
To measure the effect of a school-based health and media education intervention on fruit and vegetable consumption and related vegetables among 10-year-old Italian children