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An Experiential Cooking and Nutrition Education Program Increases Cooking Self-Efficacy and Vegetable Consumption in Children in Grades 3–8

Evaluation and effectiveness
Comparative study without comparative controls Published 2011
To evaluate the effect of a community-based, experiential cooking and nutrition education program on consumption of fruits and vegetables and associated intermediate outcomes in students from low-income families.

Effect of a School-Based Intervention on Nutritional Knowledge and Habits of Low-Socioeconomic School Children in Israel: A Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial

Evaluation and effectiveness
Randomised controlled trial Published 2008
A cluster-randomized controlled-trial examined the effect of a school-based comprehensive intervention on nutrition knowledge, eating habits, and behaviors among low socioeconomic status school-aged children

The BRA-study

Evaluation and effectiveness
Randomised controlled trial Published 2015
The overall aim was to improve vegetable intake among preschool children in a kindergarten-based randomized controlled trial