About the registry

The VegKIT resource registry, which is just one part of the broader VegKIT project, is a simple and efficient way to access credible initiatives that promote vegetable consumption in children through an interactive online library.

This online repository is a searchable electronic index of projects, resources and research that can be used by health professionals and agencies to research, plan, develop and evaluate their own initiatives.

The resource registry provides access to a wealth of useful materials that have been reviewed by an independent expert panel to highlight the evaluation and effectiveness and alignment of each initiative with the best practice guidelines to increase children’s vegetable consumption.

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We are looking for initiatives with the central focus being increasing vegetable intake in children.

Research institutions, community, public health, NGOs and early and primary educators are encouraged to upload their own initiatives. The resource registry will be the central place for resources and projects that have been implemented into different settings. It should increase the exposure and reach of the contributor’s work, inspire ideas for project implementation and reduce duplication.

Your initiative will be independently assessed by an expert panel using a global rating and then uploaded to the resource registry for wide-scale utilisation and reach. If you have an initiative that has benefited children’s vegetable intake please submit via the button below.

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Do you have expertise in public health, child nutrition and/or nutrition promotion?

If so, we'd like to invite you to consider joining our panel of experts to review the quality and effectiveness of research and initiatives being included in this VegKIT registry.

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