Our expert panel will review each initiative that is submitted to the resource registry to provide a global rating.


Global rating

The Global Rating is an assessment tool used to determine the effectiveness of initiatives which aim to increase children’s vegetable consumption and has been developed as part of the VegKIT project. The tool consists of two components.

1. Evaluation and Effectiveness

Assesses the evaluation design, quality, effectiveness, replication/generalisability and potential for scalability.


2. Alignment with the Best Practice Guidelines to increase children's vegetable consumption

As part of the VegKIT project, best practice guidelines to increase vegetable intake in children have been developed. A summary of these guidelines can be found in table below. This component of the global rating determines how the initiative is consistent with the recommendations outlined in the best practice guidelines.


7 best practice guidelines to increase children’s vegetable consumption

The foundation

Guideline 1: Make vegetables the hero

Have simple vegetable specific messages with a clear focus.

Guideline 2: Coordinate sustained effort across multiple players

Coordinate long term action amongst key players involved in providing and promoting vegetables to children.

Guideline 3: Foster knowledge and skills growth to support change

Identify and act on gaps in knowledge and skills to assist uptake of efforts promoting children’s vegetable intake.

Guideline 4: Minimise barriers to increase chance of success

Understand and identify ways to address barriers to children’s vegetable intake.

Action steps

Guideline 5: Plan for and commit to success

Set clear and measurable vegetable-specific goals and commit to a plan of action.

Guideline 6: Create an environment that supports children to eat vegetables

Make vegetables the easy choice by providing an environment that promotes vegetable familiarisation and consumption.


Guideline 7: Monitor and provide feedback on progress along the way

Monitor progress or achievement against goals and provide feedback at regular intervals.