• Type

    Community initiative or program

  • Outcomes/Outputs

    Impacts on vegetable intake,Impacts on vegetable knowledge/awareness,Creates behaviour change relating to vegetable consumption (i.e. knowledge skills attitudes beliefs confidence satisfaction etc.)

  • Scale

    State (evaluated all sites within a state)

  • Setting

    Primary School,Secondary School

  • Population targeted

    Children - primary (5 - 12 years),Children - secondary (13 - 18 years)

  • Focus

    Vegetables and fruit focus

  • Duration


  • Funding


  • Total cost



Crunch&Sip aims to increase the quantities of vegetables, fruit and water consumed by school aged children in Western Australia.


The objectives of Crunch&Sip are to:
- Increase awareness of the importance of eating vegetables and fruit and drinking water
- Provide students, teachers and staff an opportunity to eat vegetables and fruit during Crunch&Sip time in the classroom
- Encourage students, teachers and staff to drink water throughout the day in the classroom, during break times and at sports, excursions and camps
- Improve the nutrition knowledge, attitudes and behaviours, among parents and community members
- Increase the proportion of Western Australian primary schools implementing the Crunch&Sip program.


Crunch&Sip is a primary school nutrition program, developed to increase the quantities of vegetables, fruits and water being consumed by school children. The Crunch&Sip program originated in and has been operating in Western Australian (WA) schools since 2005 and also operates in schools in other Australian states and territories. Crunch&Sip is a set time during the school day for students to eat vegetables and fruit, and drink water in the classroom. Students bring vegetables and/or fruit and a clear water bottle to school each day for the Crunch&Sip break. Supporting resources for teachers, schools and parents to implement Crunch&Sip are available on the Crunch&Sip websites.