Primary schools and OSHC services can help children eat more vegetables!

Primary schools and out of school hours (OSHC) services are ideally placed to increase children’s vegetable intake by helping to improve children’s familiarity, understanding and knowledge of vegetables through learning experiences and interactions. As OSHC services provide snacks in their programs, there is opportunity to introduce more vegetables at snack times. School canteens are well placed to offer more vegetables on their menus and influence student vegetable intake.Schools p10 - owned.jpg

  • Nearly all children in Australia attend primary school [2].
  • Children eat around 40% of their energy intake at school , with 14% of children buying their lunch from school canteens [3].
  • OSHC is the most common type of formal care for children aged five to twelve years, with approximately 16% of children regularly attending before and after school care [4].

You will find lots of free helpful resources and information on this website to support your school or OSHC facility’s staff including leadership team, teachers, canteen and support staff in encouraging children to eat more vegetables.

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