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The Vegetable Intake Strategic Alliance (VISA) is a cross-sector collaborative working group, brought together by the mutual goal of increasing children’s vegetable intake.

The VISA includes a wide range of stakeholders, representing the horticulture industry, State and Commonwealth departments, nutrition and health agencies, research organisations, retailers, early learning and parenting organisations and various non‐government organisations.


The VISA is a unified voice, sharing knowledge and collaborating to increase vegetable intake among children and their families


Our mission is to create an active, functional alliance to provide a unified voice in the promotion of best practice for increasing children’s vegetable intake

The VISA aims to:

  • Explore a range of complementary initiatives that address children’s vegetable consumption, using reliable evidence of their effectiveness, and outline a strategic plan to guide investment
  • Investigate opportunities to leverage and enhance the impact of initiatives to increase vegetable consumption through partnerships outside and within the traditional horticulture supply chains
  • Provide input into strategic investment decision-making within Hort Innovation to help guide the allocation of funds to chosen initiatives.

The intended outcome of VISA is to facilitate and inform future development and implementation of evidence-based initiatives that create long-term and sustained increases in children’s vegetable consumption.

In preparation for the establishment of this alliance, a literature review was conducted to investigate the key factors which contributed to the effectiveness of multisector alliances in the public health domain. This literature review has been published in the American Journal of Health Promotion and is available for download here:

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