Does your initiative, program, resource or research have a major focus on vegetable intake, vegetable awareness or supporting change in behaviours that promote vegetable intake?

If so, please submit your initiative here, including any relevant evaluation reports or publications.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. Your initiative will be independently assessed by a member of the VegKIT resource registry panel, which is comprised of experts in public health, child nutrition and/or nutrition promotion.
  2. Once reviewed, your initiative will be given a category rating according to Design & Effectiveness, and alignment with the recommendations in the Best Practice Guidelines for Vegetable Consumption in Children.
  3. The information you submit will be accessible to the expert panel for the purpose of review and rating, and then published on the resource registry for viewing and searching online. By uploading your initiative to the VegKIT registry, you confirm you have the appropriate permissions to disclose information as provided. You will be notified of your rating prior to it being uploaded to the resource registry.
  4. Once your initiative has been reviewed you will be notified by email. You must reply to this email within 2 business days if you do not wish your initiative to be published to the VegKIT registry.
  5. You are required to complete all mandatory fields in order to have a complete data set for assessment. Optional fields are at your discretion.