We know that getting kids to eat vegetables can be challenging for long day care centres.

The VegKIT team have developed a resource package to help you do just this. The package includes:

  • Mealtime training for teachers and educators; and
  • Taste & Learn for Early Years curriculum

As part of the study your centre will need to use these resources for 12 weeks.

Mealtime training

This initiative provides online training for educators to encourage healthier mealtime behaviours. The training aims to increase educators’ knowledge and skills for using feeding practices that encourage children to taste and enjoy vegetables during mealtimes.

Access this online training here and select the Promoting healthy eating in long day care training.

Taste & Learn for Early Years curriculum

Taste & Learn for Early Years is a curriculum resource for Long Day Care (LDC) that can be used with children 2-5 years. It has been designed and written by leading experts with extensive experience in education in the early years sector, and in consultation with experts on the ground. The intention of Taste & Learn for Early Years is to increase children’s vegetable enjoyment and willingness to eat vegetables through curriculum-aligned intentional teaching and snack time activities.

Download the Taste & Learn for Early Years curriculum resource here, and the Vegetable Adventure map here.