Research has identified that acceptance of vegetables is a key factor associated with children’s low intake.

However, advice on how to encourage acceptance of vegetables in the early years of life is lacking.

One of the key activities of the VegKIT project has been to identify opportunities to promote young children’s enjoyment and liking of vegetables.


How is VegKIT addressing this issue?

Using a robust scientific approach, VegKIT researchers reviewed current science to better understand the most effective strategies that influence children’s liking of vegetables.

Additionally, a comprehensive review of current vegetable feeding dietary advice was conducted to identify opportunities to strengthen with practical vegetable feeding strategies. It was concluded that current guidelines provide information about what to eat but lack evidence-based advice about how to foster enjoyment of vegetables.

VegKIT established an international group of experts across maternal and child health and development, psychology, sensory science, education and nutrition to advise on and prioritise the most effective strategies.

A resulting set of vegetable feeding advice statements was produced for adoption according to 3 areas: Policy & Practice, Research and Industry



Who is VegKIT collaborating with?

A key part of the project is engaging with those involved in policy and guideline advice development to advocate for current infant and childhood feeding advice to be enhanced with practical guidelines on how to encourage liking of vegetables in the early years of life.

VegKIT is working with health practitioners such as Maternal and Child Health Nurses to help communicate the evidence-based practical feeding advice to carers and families of young children.

VegKIT is also collaborating with those involved in industry and research to incorporate relevant evidence-based vegetable feeding strategies in product development, future projects and research initiatives.


What is the updated advice? 

Evidence summaries designed for policy makers and health practitioners, providing an outline of the updated advice, background context and underlying evidence can be found here. 


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