VegKIT takes the pressure off parents

October 2020


Parents know too well the struggle to get their kids to eat more veggies. It can be frustrating and often seems impossible. In fact, only 6% of children 2-17 years are consuming the recommended amount of vegetables each day. But parents are not alone in their efforts to get more veggies into kid’s diets. Australia’s VegKIT project partners CSIRO Australia’s National Science Agency, Flinders University and Nutrition Australia are working to help parents by supporting key settings (such as day care centres and schools) to increase veggie intake.

VegKIT has launched a collection of new resources that provide practical strategies, insights and guidance. The resources aim to inspire educators and carers, as well as policy-makers, food industry and vegetable growers.

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New vegetable registry helps Aussie kids

February 2020


A new vegetable resource registry is providing easy and efficient access to online resources that support healthy eating and improved vegetable consumption among Australian children.

Funded by Hort Innovation on behalf of the vegetable industry, the registry essentially functions as an online repository with a searchable electronic index of projects, resources and research that can be used by health professionals and agencies to investigate, plan, implement and evaluate their own initiatives.

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$4 Million Investment in New Health Initiative


A NEW NATIONAL research initiative designed to educate and encourage children to eat more vegetables aims to increase their daily intake of fresh produce by more than half a serving per day.

Supported by Hort Innovation through $4 million in R&D funding, the 5-year VegKIT project will deliver a free toolkit for educators, health professionals and research agencies that includes information on dietary guidelines, and evidence-based knowledge of flavour exposure and food preference.

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